Thursday, July 18, 2013

Re-writing Andy Warhol's 'A' - page 2

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Picking up from yesterday's post about re-writing Andy Warhol’s A, I'm sharing a poem I picked out of lines from page 2.

Because the entire book is a transcription, unedited and uncorrected, it really shows the disconnected way that we often speak to each other. Sentences drop off, thoughts are left hanging. Things feel unfinished.

Working those elements into a piece can give it the same sense of mystery.

We’re going to spend this whole day
trying to find out
what I did last night.

You went to the whorehouse.
They don’t have any electricity,
it’s all bare skin, washed-out noises,
mean girls, roughly treated.

I hate all that. Horrid.
Maybe we should have a cup of coffee
in the park.
I wanted to believe this
business of another marvelous world but
I don’t remember.
I remember we –

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